I can repair an engine, can she overhaul me?

After the incident in Iraq I found myself at the end of my rope, contemplating the taste of my 9mm. That's when he found me; they found me.

The Boneyard Brotherhood took me in, gave me purpose. My life became about my bike, my brothers, my freedom. But there was still something missing; something I needed but couldn't put my finger on.

That something came walkin' in the door of our club, wantin' to serve papers to Teddy, the man who brought me to the Brotherhood. She was meek, conservative, shy. What she didn't know was that she was also going to be mine.

Once I laid eyes on Madi I knew I had to have her, her curves, her subdued smile, the way her face flushed when I called her Sweetcheeks. But before I could make her mine, I had to convince her to look past the tough tattooed biker image she was afraid of and find the real me.

The Boneyard Brotherhood MC Book 1



I'm an Enforcer, It's what I do.

I was brought to the Boneyard Brotherhood to do one thing, keep everyone in line. Break our code, run afoul of our laws? It's my boot that will be bringing you back in check. If there was a problem, I'm the one who took care of it; by whatever means necessary. My own safety was never a concern. I enjoyed the thrill, the Adrenalin and the rush that I had lost since leaving the Marines. But, all of that changed when I met her.

Dylan, the nurse who patched me up after a mission went a bit afoul, she managed to setup shop in my head. It was something no other woman had done before; make me care about not only her but myself. Suddenly, I minded if I was going to be in danger, shot at or stabbed. I had to change, for her. But, would the Brotherhood let me?

The Boneyard Brotherhood MC Book 2


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When I joined the force after coming back from the sandbox, I didn't expect my day to day life would be anything but routine. It wasn't. I was barely more than a rookie when I was tapped to go undercover with some biker gang made up of other veterans... the "Boneyard Brotherhood" they called themselves. While my partner Tara posed as my "pretend girlfriend", we were tasked with finding evidence the sheriff could use to convict the members. It seemed easy enough.

It wasn't though. Things soon got complicated, both at the Boneyard and between Tara and me. I had feelings for both. The members of the brotherhood had become just that, brothers and I wanted to drop the "pretend" from my status with Tara. But it was only a matter of time before the Boneyard found out I was a plant, and I was going to get stung.

The Boneyard Brotherhood MC Book 3


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After the accident, the chief was pushing me to retire.
Being a firefighter was all I had ever wanted, what I lived for.
Well, other than my 12 year old daughter Abby.
Raising her as a single dad, much less a busy firefighter, wasn't easy, but life never is.
Then a call came in from an all to familiar area code.
I was being beckoned back to my hometown, back to Canon.
I had left that small town years ago, leaving behind a lot, including... her.

Change Up
Baseball has always been a part of my life, but being a pro-ballplayer isn't without it's drawbacks. That big house I built back in my small hometown sits empty most of the year since Izzy, my daughter, now stays mostly with my parents... ever since her mother, Rachel, left.

Now, without a team to play for, I find myself heading home. Maybe it's a good thing. I can focus on my daughter and my life. I need to get things straightened out, including that hole that I never filled after Rachel was gone. But, is there anything that could keep me in town if another team came calling?

After Midnight
Coming back to civvy life has been difficult. I'm used to being a soldier and having a clear mission. Now, I'm a single dad with a son who's about to graduate and go off to college.

I want be there for my son and I want to get back to a normal life... But something is holding me back. I can't quite pinpoint what is missing. What it is that keeps me up at night.

Or I couldn't, until I walked into the Moonlight diner and met her.

A 3 Book Collection

Lacy Hart's Single Dad

Romance Collection


Biker and tattoo artist Cade Winters isn't much for weddings or other sappy celebrations. He prefers dive bars, his beloved bike and fighting at underground clubs; the last of which lands him in the hospital after a sore loser attacks Cade in an alley. However, when his best friend Tommy asked Cade to be his best man, Cade didn't hesitate. Growing up without a family to call his own, Cade would do anything, even attend a wedding, for those he now considers his family. Uncharacteristically dressed up, his tattoos barely covered and shaggy beard neatly groomed, Cade meets Cindy; the maid of honor at Tommy's wedding.

Cindy is the opposite of anything Cade has ever looked for in a woman, yet he finds himself falling helplessly in love with her. Determined to make Cindy his, Cade must not only win her over but also her controlling and disapproving parents; who will stop at nothing to convince their daughter that a shaggy tattoo artist is not the one for her.

A Love Struck Bad Boys Romance

Inked Passions


After a botched raid in Afghanistan, ex-Army specialist Michel Deverroux returned to Galveston Texas with more baggage than intended. Without family, friends or money, Michel turned to drugs to relieve the horrors of war. He knew it was a dark path, but he saw no other choice. Michel was awash in a world of numbness and addiction until his estranged uncle Andy died, leaving Michel a run down beach front home and hefty inheritance.

A Love Struck Bad Boys Romance

The Heart of a Hero

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The Boneyard Brotherhood Three Book Collection contains 3 HOT novels about bad boy bikers and the women they fall for... HARD. Each salacious novel follows an ex-military bad boy who is recruited into the Brotherhood and has to navigate the club as well as their feelings for their new loves. Can Cole, Sid and Chase strike a balance between the Brotherhood and their women?

Each Boneyard Brotherhood novel contains a special BONUS CHAPTER previously only available to subscribers to the Scarlet Lantern Publishing newsletter.

Three Book Collection

The Boneyard Brotherhood


Destined to save more than just his heart.


The High Dragon

The moment Jaspyr, High Dragon of the y Draig clan, met Avyla he knew she was fated to be his mate. He sensed the magic within her and recognized that she was destined to be his salvation. She would be both his eternal love and guardian of his humanity. 


A kind apothecary

But the meek yet strong-willed woman harbored doubt that a commoner such as she could be with, much less love, such a powerful man. Avyla did not know of the magic within her and had never experienced true love before. Though it may have been her destiny, Avyla's heart was hesitant. 


Danger from within

Not all dragons find their mates, which leaves Jaspyr and the others of his clan with the task of hunting them down once their humanity vanishes. When one of his clan falls to the insanity shortly after Avyla’s arrival, a battle wages that not only endangers the draconic shifters and their mates, but also produces a crucible where the bonds of love are tested and forged.

The Ballads of Cadarnle

Destined for the Dragon


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