BDSM, Reverse Harem Romance


Young and adventurous, Alyssa spends her free time writing, reading and spending nights out on the town. When she isn't living life to it's fullest with her close friends, Alyssa is engrossed in her work of putting together extravagant worlds and succulent romances for her readers to devour.

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Reverse Harem, Bully/Enemies to Lovers


With a penchant for a nice glass of red and a good steamy story, Carmen Black can usually be found either writing at her computer or snuggled under a blanket as she binges one of her favorite TV series. Either way, her four-legged fur babies, Crash and Chloe, are always by her side as she crafts wicked tales of unconventional love.



Dark and Reverse Harem Romance


Natalie Nicole is a 29 year old stay at home mom, dog mom & cat mom. She lives a life of disorganized chaos and loves every minute of it. Give her a bowl of popcorn and all 12 seasons of Big Bang Theory and you'll be her best friend.

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Contemporary Romance


L.M. Reid is a reader, writer, and lover of all things romance. She’s a Midwest girl with simple tastes and dirty thoughts. If she’s not busy clicking away at her laptop with an iced coffee in hand, she’s probably surrounded by hot wheels and the love of her husband and son.



Bad Boy, Biker Romance


Hi! I'm a suburban mom of three with a loving husband... and a bit of a wild imagination. I have addictions to wine, coffee and writing, writing, writing. I let all of my dirty thoughts flow out through my keyboard into the pages of my wide range of short stories. I'm never one to shy away from something new!



Rockstar Romance


Amiee Louise lives in the West Midlands and writes dark erotic romance, much to the delight of her fiancé of 12 years! When she isn’t reading or writing, she works part-time in administration and loves to listen to music, watch films, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. Amiee is a lover of tattoos, pretty stationery, cake and has a flair for dirty rocker boys!

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Contemporary and Academy Romance


I love complex characters with sizzling chemistry who find their “happily ever after” endings together. When I'm not writing contemporary and fantasy romance, I binge-watch Law & Order: SVU, play video games, and spend time with my boyfriend and our small flock of cats. I also adore classic rock and the Backstreet Boys.



Historical Romance


My husband and I share a noisy household with three kids, a two-year-old Labrador retriever, and a sweet black rescue cat. Somewhere in the chaos, I fantasize of being whisked away to Regency England — mostly for the ballgowns — and dancing the night away on the arm of a wicked but sweet gentleman who may or may not have my husband’s face! 



Small Town, Sweet but Sexy Romance


Lacy is a lover of hot coffee, decadent sweets, oh so bad boys, and spending weekends knee deep in romance novels. In between getting lost worlds of gruff firefighters and impossibly, yet tantalizingly, handsome military men, she puts pen to paper to conjure her own steamy stories that always end with a guaranteed happily ever after.



BDSM Romance


Melanie Gill lives in South Africa, with her husband, pet bunnies, tarantula, and dogs. She writes full time, when she isn’t tying up beautiful little submissives while listening to classical music. The subject matter in her novels is very much a part of her life, where BDSM and normality blur into happy harmony.



Action and Thriller Romance


My stories combine the best elements of action, suspense, and romance. Writing is my life – I’m a technical writer by day, novelist by night (sans the cape). My heroes are troubled but sincere (and oh so handsome) and my heroines are smart, powerful, and sexy. They use their wits and their sidearms to solve their problems and find the love they deserve.

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Biker and Contemporary Romance


I've been involved in writing for a very long time, writing everything from short stories to catalog writing to websites and everything in between.I love creating characters in a wide range, from funny and sarcastic to dark and serious, so that they reach readers in every possible way.  I'm married to my best friend, have a great son, and a puppy to keep me company. I'm a baseball junkie, love horror movies (good or bad), and can settle down with a good cup of coffee or glass of whiskey at any time.

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Sci-Fi / Dystopian Reverse Harem


Besides reading and writing, I’m a big fan of movies such as The Fifth Element, The Hunger Games
movies, and all of the X-men movies. I listen to anything with a good beat that I can dance to. But
when I’m writing, I mainly listen to movie soundtracks that give the right sound and mood I’m going
for in a scene I’m writing.

When I’m not writing, I can be found lounging on my couch, scrolling through my Instagram feed for
cute puppy and kitten photos. I like to think my chemistry background makes me a good cook, so I’m
also fond of trying out new recipes which requires my family to be my guinea pigs for these

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Paranormal and Reverse Harem Romance


Jennifer Weir was born and raised in Colorado and found herself in living in California at the young age of 22 training Lions, Black Leopards, Tigers and other big cats for T.V. and Movies. She is now the mother of two grown children and keeps her four dogs as her constant companions. She spends her free time writing erotic paranormal romance. When she’s not writing she loves to binge watch anything related to Vikings, Vampires or dark romance.

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Paranormal, Shifter Romance


One of the rare and elusive creatures known as a girl geek, AJ Ryder is an avid gamer, a voracious reader, and a lover of all things magical and fantastical. After years of thinking up sexy stories and hot, sensual characters of varying ilk in her head, she has decided to use her geeky, super powers for good and breathe life into them at last for the reading enjoyment of all.

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Gothic Historical Romance


A former fantasy author, Aida loves things in her life to be sweet with a side of spooky. She is a fan of a good ghost story but is still a sucker for happy endings that leave one’s heart a-flutter. When she is not tethered to her writing desk in a coffee-induced frenzy, she enjoys baking, sewing, and spending time with her family.