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(Ballads of Cadarnle Book 2)

Cadarnle can be a dangerous place, as Klaryssa well knows.


Chased through the woods by bandits after whatever coin she carried, as well as the prize of the fair, young maiden herself, Klaryssa's path leads her directly to the dreaded black knight. The trembling maiden feels her luck has run out, but the man in dark yet gleaming armor is not quite what he seems...


Dresdyn y Blaidd: Lord of the land, the black knight, fearsome shifter warrior, and Thane of his clan, has found an unexpected treasure in Klaryssa. Though Dresdyn swore that he would never take a mate, he knew immediately that his heart and soul belonged to Klaryssa. His fate now determined, Dresdyn must win Klaryssa's heart and trust so she can become his destined mate.


But, bringing the spirited young woman into his clan and pack is not as easy as Dresdyn would hope. Traditions will be tested and broken, and the clan must fend off attacks from their sworn enemies...the gnolls.


Will true love prevail?

The Beast's Beloved by AJ Ryder