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This is book 1 in the Haunted Hearts Series.


Following a series of tragic events that brought his entire world crashing down, a broken-hearted Gerard traded in the old-world charm and sophistication of his beloved homeland of France for a new life in America’s growing city of San Francisco. With his faith in humanity now broken, Gerard made a name for himself over the course of several years as a reclusive, architectural genius, and he was content in his new life of self-imposed isolation in his new home...

Château Renaître.

However, Gerard’s carefully cultivated life is upheaved one fateful night when a young woman and her small boy find their way to the Château’s doorstep in search of employment and shelter. Sensing they are fleeing a dark past of their own, Gerard grants them sanctuary within his home, but nothing could have prepared him for the impact the traumatized pair would have on his soul.

Ghosts of the past rear their ugly heads, and hearts will be tested as the lines between reality and illusion become blurred. For nothing is as it seems at Château Renaître…


The Ghosts of Château Renaître by Aida Jacobs

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