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(Mystical Mates Book 2)

Being a Woodward is hard...especially when you're not used to being in charge!



Having spent her entire life in the shadow of her fierce and battle-tested twin, Athena, the calm and nurturing Minerva was perfectly content in her role as backup. That is...until Athena became pregnant. Now forced into the lead in her sister's stead, it falls to Minerva to protect against a wicked evil from beyond the Veil.


But she won't be doing it alone...



Since his arrival from the land of Cadarnle, Samaiyel has adjusted to life as a fae among mortals. Happy in his role as Guardian and mate to his beloved witch, Samaiyel always knew that Minerva was capable of more than she believed herself to be...all she needed was a little encouragement.


But will it be enough?

The Witch and the Fae by AJ Ryder

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