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After the accident, the chief was pushing me to retire.
Being a firefighter was all I had ever wanted, what I lived for.
Well, other than my 12 year old daughter Abby.
Raising her as a single dad, much less a busy firefighter, wasn't easy, but life never is.
Then a call came in from an all too familiar area code.
I was being beckoned back to my hometown, back to Canon.
I had left that small town years ago, leaving behind a lot, including... her.

I never intended to stay in my hometown of Canon.
But after college and losing Travis to the big city, I kinda just ended up back here.
My time was spent either teaching at school or reading at home.
Both of which contributed to the "spinster" rumors going around.
But my ho-hum existence was suddenly ignited.
A girl with fiery red hair and his emerald eyes showed up at the Homestead, his Mom's restaurant.
Was he back? Was Travis in Canon?

Burnt is a steamy, full length, single dad, small town romance with a guaranteed HEA!

Burnt by Lacy Hart

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