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I'd Rather Burn is the first book in The Legend of Mortem series - A fated mates, paranormal, reverse harem romance series.


For over a hundred years, Jadis - an elusive and powerful witch - had been living a relatively peaceful life with her two sisters when a nefarious series of events threatens to destroy them. She is rescued by Aiden – a vampire who is centuries older than herself - only to then find herself being held against her will. All the while, Jadis has no idea that an ancient, long buried secret is about to claw its way to the surface, forcing her to confront her own mortality. After being entrusted with Jadis’s care, Aiden and Jadis’s lives become irrevocably intertwined. He will have to face the ultimate test and choose between his honor and what his heart truly desires. But after having a vision of her death, Aiden’s knee jerk reaction sends Jadis on a path that could lead her straight into the arms of another Vampire.

I'd Rather Burn by J.L. Weir

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