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(Mystical Mates Book 3)

Sharing the Witch can be read as a stand-alone romance, or as part of the Mystical Mates series!

Five years ago, Miriam lost her beloved Guardian, Ivar, and knew her life was over. After all, if a demon did not end her, she was certain her broken heart would. But now, a still grieving Miriam has chosen to dive wholeheartedly into her work as both a medical examiner and a powerful Medium who helps the dead when others can't.

After a chance meeting through mutual acquaintances, Matthias Braun - the Alpha of the coyote shifters - is drawn to Miriam immediately. He makes it his mission to heal the witch's shattered heart, and Miriam reluctantly begins entertaining the hope of finding happiness once more. However, the Twin Cities are plunged into chaos as an ancient and long forgotten evil begins walking the earth once more while it leaves a trail of blood and chaos in its wake. Racing against the clock to stop this force of darkness, all of Miriam's beliefs are called into question as it is revealed that nothing is as it seems.

Sharing the Witch by AJ Ryder

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