Kensie Prescott’s life-long study of infamous pirate Cyrus Buckwell takes an exciting turn when new information about his theft of a valuable jeweled headdress from the Royal Family, is unearthed centuries after it disappeared when Buckwell’s ship was lost in a storm. Even though her colleagues think she’s crazy, Kensie is convinced she knows where to find it, and when her university won’t support an expedition, she sets out to the Caribbean on her own to claim the treasure.

The captain of the dive boat she hires, Julian Burke, is a roguishly handsome but uncouth man. After only a short time together, she recognizes his sensitive and intelligent nature and is unable to deny her feelings for him. As they draw closer to the treasure, Burke and Kensie must defend themselves from shady characters who wish to claim it for themselves.

Kensie came down to find one treasure, but now she sees another that is equally valuable. Can she claim both?

Kensie's Treasures by J.M. Schneider