This is book 1 in the Syndicate Series.


"Honesty is a one way ticket to Hell, Kitten."

Sinclair Blackwell
Declan Carter
Giovanni Martinelli

Kings of campus.
Walking Greek statues of sin and lust.
Influence beyond belief.

Their obsession?


After a brutal attack, these powerful empire heirs take me in.
They saved me from potential death.
They protect me. Provide for me.

They all become my... lovers?

Slowly but surely, we all enter into a relationship with each other. Lines of love and hate blur as walls are broken down.

But happiness is only a pipe dream in my world.

Threats start. Unknown forces living right under our noses have other plans for us.
I become a pawn in a game I'm not even aware of.
So do they.

Corruption collides with greed.

So how do we fight a battle we aren't even aware of?

It's simple.

We lose.

Saints of the Syndicate by Natalie Nicole