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This version has the original cover art. New cover art can be found on Amazon.


A Reverse Harem Romance (Ballads of Cadarnle Book 4)

The sea is a dangerous and fickle mistress, and no one knows this better than Captain Loreley Blackmore. Orphaned after losing her father in the same storm that nearly claimed her own life when she was but a girl of fifteen, the ocean is both Loreley’s greatest love and her greatest fear. Having since made a life, and a name for herself as a pirate, Loreley has managed to put her past behind her save for one aspect...


The melody that has haunted her for fifteen years since her miraculous survival...


The melody imprinted upon her soul by her three destined mates.


Serving as both Loreley’s greatest source of comfort as well as her greatest source of confusion, the melody serves a far greater purpose than she could ever know. Unfortunately, a new danger stalks the sea, and it has set its murderous intentions upon Loreley and her crew.


Will Loreley find the answers she seeks before it’s too late?

Mermen's Melody by AJ Ryder

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