This is book one the the Tattoos and Tears - Brody Series


When I play guitar, it’s just me and my guitar, nothing else exists. Everything is just inconsequential, trivial, white noise. In all my years in the music industry, I never let anything get in the way of that, except my two vices: ink and drugs. That is until I met her, Raleigh Storm. She was my next favourite mistake, my saving grace, my fortress of solitude.

When she was around, I didn’t need the drugs. I didn’t need the other women. I didn’t need anything. I just needed her. Our story from the beginning was messy and unconventional. A rollercoaster I didn’t want to get off. She made me fall in love with life again and she was my second chance at righting the wrongs of the past. She was my redemption.

Redemption by Aimee Louise