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For Lady Rumina Abelard, it’s a race against time when it comes to securing a husband, and her latest suitor is suddenly discovered to be most unsuitable. Years ago, Rue had lost her heart to the Countess’ son, Alex, and had long since lost hope of reclaiming it. She escapes London for the country where fate works its magic at the Countess of Merrick’s Midsummer ball.Since their parting, Alex, Earl of Merrick, had never forgotten how sweet and sensual Rue had been in his arms. Disillusioned by his rakish ways, Alex decides to come home and settle down where he finds Rue on the verge of promising herself to another. For Alex, this is another chance to redeem himself in Rue’s eyes.Together, the pair discover a wealth of desire and passion between them—one that finds the both of them powerless to resist. As this scandalous affair goes on, someone in the shadows threatens their newfound happiness, intent on keeping them apart. Alex and Rue must quickly discover who is behind the deadly threats before they can seek their happily-ever-after.

Redemption for the Rakish Earl by Jilian Rouge

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