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Book 1 in the Nadia's Boys Series!


High school was a nightmare. I spent the majority of my time dodging the three bullies who delighted in giving me hell. Austin, Gavin, and Vaughn were so awful that just seeing them could ruin my day. It was a relief when I finally graduated and I knew I wouldn't have to deal with them ever again.That is until I got talked into going to our ten year reunion. I had fantasies of seeing what karma had done to my high school enemies. I couldn't wait to see bald spots, beer guts, and delicious failure. But I didn’t get that. Instead, I got their attention - all of their attentions - in a way I didn’t expect. Now I’m caught in and unfamiliar relationship with all three of them and am unsure exactly where it will go.

Reunion by Alyssa Clark

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