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(Mystical Mates Book 1)

Being a Woodward is hard… but loving a Woodward is even harder!



As the self-appointed protectors against supernatural evils, the lives of Woodward witches are fraught with danger. Each generation of witches has faced down their share of monsters, and Athena and her identical twin, Minerva, are no different.


Wielding the elements of wind and fire, Athena is a volatile powerhouse who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. She takes her duties as both a witch and elder sister to her twin very seriously, and it is only within the protective circle of Theodrik’s arms that Athena truly allows herself to be vulnerable.



Having been transported across the Veil from the land of Cadarnle for the sole purpose of being Athena’s Guardian and lover, Theodrik y Draig lives to protect his beloved.


His role as a Guardian only enhances his naturally protective instincts, and as dragon shifter, and he fights tooth, claw, and wing to keep his beloved Athena safe.


Now, an ancient evil has awakened after being sealed away for over three hundred years, and it is out for blood as it stalks the forests. As the body count continues to climb, Athena and her family must race against time to stop the foul creature from gaining a foothold and drowning the surrounding countryside in blood.


Can the bond between the witch and the dragon overcome primal evil?

The Witch and the Dragon by AJ Ryder

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